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HI, I’M DK Sharma

Today Mr. D.K Sharma is role model for thousands of people. People become motivated and enthusiastic after remembering the name Mr. Sharma. Thousand of sales and marketing professionals who were frustrated and surrendered their life now have come back to their life. Many people have change their life after attending the training, seminars and counseling session of Mr. Sharma. Thousands of people have achieved new heights of success and fulfill their life with lot of happiness and joy because of Mr. Sharma.

Mr. Sharma was born in a very small village called Maidana in Pilibhit district of Uttar Pradesh in farmer family. But he was born to win. Meanwhile his father was selected as temporary gangman in railway, and as work a gangman the work was repairing and cleaning of railway track. After passing only two or three years of having permanent employment with railway his father passed away in the absence of proper treatment of stomach cancer. At that time Mr. Sharma was only four years old. After this event the financial crisis of family was going critical day by day. The family of six members (Grand Father, Mother, One elder brother and two sisters) became dependent on very small agriculture land. In this time and at this age Mr. Sharma did all deeds of agriculture with his family whatever he can did for the survival of family. On the same time his primary education was running in the primary school of his village only.

The turning point of family came when his mother Mrs. Somwati Sharma got job in railway at place of his father. Mr. Sharma got his primary education from government primary school, and he started learn English from class six. He passed eight standard from municipal school and twelve from aided inter college. Then he came Bareilly for his graduation (B.Sc.). After passing B.Sc. he studied two years in Allahabad for the preparation of Civil service Exam. When he did his first attempt to qualify preliminary exam of PCS of three different states, he got a message from family “We are now unable to afford your study expenses, although we are not stopping you to continue your study, but now you have to generate your own income for the same”. So he came back Bareilly and start doing a job in a private bank as a car loan executive. When the results of above all three PCS exams were been announced he was doing job in bank, and due to his hard work he qualified all three. But he didn’t seek any option to back to the study for main exam, and then he started his M.B.A in sales & Marketing through distance learning program.

But till then Mr. Sharma became a big dreamer and starting realizing that none of his dream can be achieve through this bank job. So he decided to do something else along with the job. And he started a business of Network Marketing with the No.1 Product based Network Marketing of India at that time.

At this platform continuous three years he remained in the furnace of hard work, continuous travelling, continuous sales meetings and lot of difficulties and challenge of market and family. And due to all this Mr. Sharma was being stronger through every angle day by day. So his growth was being very rapidly either it is Level in business or Income.

After this he got offer from an insurance company as Sales Manager, and he accepted. As earlier he performed beyond the boundaries over here. His colleagues always used to jealous with him.

During this scenario Mr. Sharma start realizing that whatever he was doing, he was doing only himself, he was unable to do anything for the others. And thousands of sales & marketing professionals and other people are being fed up, Their Dreams, Hopes and Happiness are being damaged day by day in the absence of correct guidelines.

The along with the job he started some small motivational workshops, skill development seminars and counseling sessions. And this small initiative produce a big result in organized way in the form of D K Sharma.

Mr. Sharma’s saying is “Whatever the pains and troubles came in my life was planned by the almighty God to teach me lesson, because his planning was to make me today’s D.K. Sharma. He (God) did his work well now it is my turn, and I will do my job with full responsibility till the last breath.

His famous dialogue, to which he often used to say is…

“There is nothing free in this world”

We have to pay for everything either it is good or bad, because we can estimate the actual value of the thing when we pay cost for it.

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