Success Mantra

Success Mantra

Success is the aim of modern life. Be successful is its motto. All human beings want to be successful. A greater part of our life is spent in preparation for success and nearby the entire later part for the achievement of success. We all want to be successful, success is today’s buzz word. We search for some magic success formula; some success secret; and the success mantra. The success formula, success secret, and success mantra, is very simple.

We should have a haunting desire for success; have a single paramount goal in life; acquire the perfect knowledge and skills for success in your chosen field; have a fool-proof plan; have faith in yourself; create a group of successful or knowledgeable persons around you; work hard; have self –discipline; be good to others; and direct all your energies to your success.

Success contributes a great lot of happiness. A successful person is self- satisfied. He has usually name and fame, comforts respect, authority and easy life. However, the road to success is paved with hard works, sometimes failures, heart breaks and bitterness.

Happiness mantra can help us here. Happy people are gently successful also; but successful persons may not necessarily be happy too.

But don’t forget, the real success is in giving and sharing the success, helping and assisting others to be successful and loving and caring for those who have not been successful. Make others successful and you will be successful!