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Daksh Enlightening is devoted for the betterment of people by providing Motivational Training, Field Support, Mentoring, Consultancy and Counseling across the nation. We provide our services to Individuals, Corporate and Enterpreneurs. Our Training and Consultancy programs create Fearless, Energetic, Enthusiastic and confident professional...

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Today Mr. D.K Sharma is role model for thousands of people. People become motivated and enthusiastic after remembering the name Mr. Sharma. Thousand of sales and marketing professionals who were frustrated and surrendered their life now have come back to their life. Many people have change their life after attending the training, seminars and counseling session of Mr. Sharma. Thousands of people have achieved new heights of success and fulfill their life with lot of happiness and joy because of Mr. Sharma.

But this is today’s picture or in other words this is happening only in last few couple of years. Behind this his own life was very much difficult and full of challenges in the compression with today’s normal men.

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    Success is the aim of modern life. Be Successful is its motto. All human being want to be successful. A greater part of our life is spent in preparation for success and nearby the entire later part the achievement of success. read more

    Create a world that works better. Empower professional to develop knowledge & skills successfully. Our saying is "We are here to enlighten you". The code of ethics provides guidance to individuals to be self-managed learning and development. read more

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